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Wick Liquor

Wick Liquor


A brand that needs no introduction!


Available in six stunning flavours; 

Boulevard - Mardi Gras Fruit Punch with Malibu Loganberry Pulp

Deja Voodoo - Santa Barbara Coconut Husk & Chola Vista Sugar Cane

Contra - Sicilian Vine Citrus & Porta Fortuna Fruit Compote

Carnical - Santa Monica Glazed Donutes & Cholo Sugar Cake

Miyako Raspebrry - Honshu Raspberry and Cream Puff Yoghurt

Miyako Forest Fruit - Forest Fruit, Choux Pastry and Cream Puff Yoghurt


All Wick Liquor E-Liquids are available in 50ml bottles, with an additional 10ml short fill space for nicotine shots. 70/30 VG/PG Ratio.


3mg of nicotine shots provided free of charge. For additional shots, please add these separately.