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The latest range brought to you by IVG, Beyond! 


Available in six fresh flavours; 

Dragon Berry Blend - Fresh Dragon Fruit with Juicy Strawberries and Blackcurrants

Sour Mangoberry Magic - Fresh Mango ith Sweet Strawberries and Honeydew

Berry Melonade Blitz - Blackcurrants, Watermelon and Tangy Lemon

Cherry Apple Crush - Red and Green Apples with Cherries and Blackcurrants

Sour Melon Surge - Sweet Honeydew and Watermelon with Sour Lime

Kiwi Passion Kick - Kiwi, Passionfruit and Mixed Berries


All Beyond E-Liquids are available in 100ml bottles, with an additional 20ml short fill space for nicotine shots.


3mg of nicotine shots provided free of charge. For additional shots, please add these separately.

  • Returns

    As a perishable item, we cannot accept retuns or exchanges on any E-Liquids unless the bottle's seal remains intact.